LGS researches, develops, deploys, and supports field-ready solutions dedicated to solving some of the world’s most complex Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum interference detection, classification, and mitigation challenges.

Spectrum is a finite resource, and competition for the remaining available spectrum is fierce. While spectrum sharing is an efficient and effective use of this scarce resource, the shared spectrum environment is complex. Utilizing high quality radio solutions, multiple sources of interference can still degrade the authorized users of the shared spectrum, due to either in-band or out-of-band interfering signals.

LGS’ RF interference mitigation solutions provide insight into the interfering signal set and applies the appropriate mitigation techniques, alerting visualization and event communications, and evidentiary data retention. The ability to share spectrum successfully requires a thorough understanding of spectrum usage rules and the attributes of modern signals that occupy that spectrum. The sharing rules and signal attributes are ever-evolving, hence robust interference mitigation solutions need to have the ability to learn and adapt in a timely manner. LGS’ solutions offer this flexibility and responsiveness for spectrum solutions requiring long term supportability.

We leverage our long term and deep knowledge of wireless technology and signal environments from the communications network core to the user edge devices associated with today’s commercial and government wireless communication systems.

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