Cyber researchers at LGS Innovations develop and deliver innovative cyber, secure communications, and network architecture solutions that support both government and commercial needs. Building on the foundation of our Bell Laboratories heritage, our world-class research focuses on fixed and mobile communication network protocols and all areas relating to carrier-class networks and commercial communications equipment.

Particular areas of R&D include Internet Protocol (IP), optical transport, wireless (3G/4G), and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) networks and cybersecurity science. We develop capabilities for security assessments of complex, large-scale networks, assessing their vulnerabilities and associated mitigation approaches. We develop tools and processes to conduct black-box code analysis where needed to identify potentially exploitable weaknesses.

  • We continue to extend our research and development to ensure alignment with our customers’ critical cybersecurity and cyber mission needs, building on our experience in network assurance, secure network integration, cyber support services telecommunications studies, and advanced cyber research capabilities. Key focus areas are: Network reconnaissance, supporting effective pen-test and analysis of the cybersecurity of customer networks
  • Cyber support services, enabling efficient and secure implementation of customer networks and cybersecurity operations
  • Cyber modeling & simulation, providing high-fidelity emulation of network infrastructure, realistic traffic models, and mission operations.
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