How to grow a new idea: The LGS Innovation Initiative
Posted on: February 6, 2017

Unlike most of our competitors, LGS Innovations actually invents things and builds them into the mission solutions we offer our defense, intelligence, and commercial customers. So, with “Innovation” in our company name (and our DNA, thanks to our Bell Labs ancestry), it’s not surprising that LGS has come up with some proven ways to create new ideas for products and solutions that address our customers’ hardest problems.

We call one of these proven idea-creation programs the LGS Innovation Initiative. Here’s how it works:

  • We start with Spark Week, an open forum for team members to submit any ideas for solutions our customers might need, from ground-floor technology to improvements on existing solutions
  • Following that, the participants pitch their ideas to LGS R&D and program managers (kinda like Shark Tank, but friendlier) and the ideas and participants are selected for the next phase
  • Selected teams gather for a week-long intense session called the Innovation Summit for some serious idea development, design sprinting, and presentations to senior management
  • One or two ideas are then funded for further development

Flavor throughout with a start-up mentality, and voila: at least one or two new ideas for further development and productization.

This January, we held the LGS Innovation Summit in Las Vegas, concurrent with the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Maybe it was all the innovation on the exhibit floor, or maybe it was something in the Las Vegas water—but all four solution ideas proposed at the Summit were approved by LGS management to go forward.

We can’t say much about these projects, other than that they’ll involve absolutely cutting-edge science and technology to address some very critical needs our customers face in RF photonics, big data analytics, 4D sensor fusion, and Internet security.

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