Innovation is in our DNA. LGS traces its ancestry directly to Bell Labs and AT&T, creators of many of the world’s most significant advances in computing and communications. These include the first binary digital computer, the transistor, the first solar battery cell, the laser, demonstrated cellular technology, UNIX, the first fiber-optic transatlantic cable, the first wireless Internet prototype system, and the first 100 gigabits per second (Gbps) Internet Protocol transmission.

In 1996, AT&T spun off its communications equipment division – as well as associated Bell Labs research assets – into Lucent Technologies. Lucent and Alcatel merged in 2006 to become Alcatel-Lucent. As a result of this transaction, LGS Innovations LLC was established to be Alcatel-Lucent’s sole sales and contracting channel for all classified and unclassified business with the U.S. federal government. At that time, LGS was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent, and retained the Government Communications Lab (GCL) portion of Bell Labs within the organization.

In 2014 LGS Innovations was acquired by Madison Dearborn Partners, an investment firm based in Chicago, Illinois, and CoVant, a holding company based in the Washington, D.C. metro area, focused on acquiring and growing companies in the federal technology solutions marketplace.

In October 2015, LGS acquired Axios Engineering, a provider of communications and signal processing solutions and mission support services for the defense and intelligence communities. An industry leader in mission-attached services and application development, Axios closely complements LGS offerings in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) technologies, and extends mission-proven networking solutions to in-theater, tactical operational environments.

About Madison Dearborn Partners

Madison Dearborn Partners is a leading private equity investment firm in the United States. Since Madison Dearborn’s formation in 1992, the firm has raised six funds with aggregate capital of over $18 billion and has completed approximately 125 investments. Madison Dearborn invests in businesses across a broad spectrum of industries, including business and government services; basic industries; consumer; financial and transaction services; health care; and telecom, media and technology services. Its noteworthy investments include Asurion, CDW, LA Fitness, LiquidWeb, QuickPlay Media, and Univision Communications. For more information, please visit

About CoVant

Founded by former executives of Anteon International, CoVant focuses on acquiring and growing companies in the federal technology solutions marketplace. With an experienced team of business executives and a respected board of former government and military leaders, CoVant delivers a unique and highly strategic approach to maximizing company growth and value. For more information, please visit

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