About LGS Innovations

LGS Innovations is dedicated to acting in a socially responsible manner through our interactions with all stakeholders: employees, partners, customers, suppliers, investors, and local communities. We maintain a tradition of corporate responsibility and engagement through a dedication to ethics and compliance, environmental awareness, and community involvement.

Ethics and Compliance
LGS Innovations and our employees act with integrity and respect the law and industry regulations wherever they do business. With an emphasis on ensuring ethical business practices and a regularly updated Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, we strictly enforce our policies.

Environmental Awareness
Minimizing network energy dependence not only reduces an organization’s environmental footprint, but can save operating costs and help meet energy efficiency initiatives. Energy usage is not only expensive, but can also be hard to come by, particularly when missions and operations take place in rural and undeveloped areas.

LGS Innovations’ energy-efficient networking solutions provide a proactive approach to network power management by enabling customers to reduce energy costs, meet environmental and corporate responsibility objectives, and satisfy reliability requirements. We assess and audit network power strategies and identify areas for efficiency gains, including renewable solar, wind, and fuel cell energy opportunities. Solution consist of customizable, power-related services focused on enhancing operators’ power systems, preventing power failures, realizing efficiencies, and carrying out environmentally-friendly equipment retirement and recycling activities.

Charity and Community Involvement
LGS Innovations appreciates the communities across the country that host our offices, and LGS employees of those offices put a priority on giving back. From school supply drives, to human services activities, to work with local and national organizations that seek to better the lives of those in the community, LGS employees look for ways to benefit those around them.

In High Point, NC, LGS Innovations’ contributions to the United Way address critical needs in the community. LGS’ contributions have helped to facilitate mentoring, tutoring, after school and summer care for local children, and have helped individuals to regain financial independence and dignity through financial crisis programs. They have also helped fund United Way®-provided healthcare, education, and support in the surrounding underserved communities.

Various drives and fundraisers hosted by LGS Innovations also contribute to local needs and services such as food assistance, utility assistance, shelter assistance, transportation to job interviews, and financial counseling.

LGS works with organizations such as the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) in activities ranging from granting scholarships, to raising awareness and funding for STEM activities, to serving on planning and steering committees. Whether sponsoring a high school robotics club, running in a charity race to benefit a military retreat, helping a New York special needs school, working with Homes for Our Troops®, or playing golf to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Project®, LGS Innovations employees recognize the importance of helping others.

STEM Education
Across the country, lawmakers, educators, and business leaders are working together to strengthen Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education. Out of 30 developed countries surveyed, U.S. students ranked 21st in science literacy and 25th in math literacy according to a recent study by the Program for International Student Assessment.

Raising the performance of our students is a national priority, and LGS Innovations has worked with organizations like AFCEA, the Colorado School of Mines, and many other organizations to support crucial academic developmental skills in the sciences to help build the future of our country’s engineering workforce.

To help further strengthen our nation’s engineering workforce, LGS offers STEM Scholarships to help deserving college students to advance their educations. To be eligible, students are required to be a college junior, senior, or graduate-level, with at least a 3.5 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) or equivalent. Five scholarships of $5,000 each are awarded annually.

LGS Innovations emphasizes early involvement and cross discipline studies within the STEM fields, including:

  • Internship and recruiting programs with over 24 educational institutions across the nation. LGS Innovations has doubled the number of college interns employed by the company since 2008, making a focused effort to involve college students in early career planning and experience.
  • Executive involvement on multiple university advisory boards to encourage and advise on interdisciplinary STEM curricula. LGS, in conjunction with the Colorado School of Mines, started the “Recruiting Tomorrow’s Engineers Today” pilot program, which involves partnering with local higher education institutions to show middle school and high school students the practical applications of the skills they are using in the classroom in both continuing education and in a professional setting.

Veteran’s Support
With a goal of supporting the nation’s troops and bettering the lives of veterans, LGS Innovations has implemented several donation campaigns and fundraising activities that benefit organizations such as Homes for our Troops, Operation Support Our Troops, the Boulder Crest Retreat, and the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans in Wheaton, IL.

In 2012, LGS Innovations modified its Customer Service Survey to include a donation incentive for survey participants benefitting Homes for Our Troops, and in 2013, one LGS office organized a team to run in the TOUGH MUDDER® competition, raising $2,600 for the Wounded Warrior Project.

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