Why are scientists & engineers flocking to LGS Innovations job fairs?
Posted on: August 13, 2018

Last month alone, 188 scientists and engineers attended three job fairs hosted by LGS Innovations in Colorado, New Jersey, and northern Virginia—and more than 100 of them are now lining up for second interviews.

What gives?

First: LGS is hiring like crazy to fill open slots on some of the nation’s coolest high-tech programs, like NASA’s Psyche and Illuma missions to revolutionize deep-space communications—not to mention some of the most mission-critical programs of our defense and intelligence communities.

We’re hiring professionals in systems engineering, embedded and application software developers, UI software developers, RF and digital signal processing, optical, mechanical, and reverse engineering, vulnerability researchers, web application engineers, network engineers, test engineers and many other disciplines.

Second:  LGS is a leading player in some of the most advanced technology areas going. Cutting edge stuff like photonics and optical communications… spectrum management… network vulnerability analysis… cybersecurity operations… and tons more. The LGS track record of delivering innovative solutions to the hardest problems means we have nothing but opportunity for today’s best & brightest minds.

Third: LGS invests in R&D and technology development—and our team members. We want you to continue growing and learning as you build your LGS career, and we offer up to $9K in tuition assistance each year to help—about twice the national average! Ensuring a healthy work/life balance is also high on our list of priorities (we get it: happy teammates are productive teammates).

Most importantly, LGS not only allows but encourages scientists and engineers to build their own career path as they grow. Find an area of science or technology that excites your passions, create solutions in that space, and then grow it. We’ll help!

Bottom line: today’s engineers and scientists don’t just want a monetary investment from their employer (although our compensation and benefits packages are among the best in our industry): they also want their employer to invest in their future—and ‘have their back’ when it comes to listening to their new ideas—and at LGS we know that’s key to advancing the innovative spirit we’re known for.

Check us out!  (Did we mention we’re hiring? Like crazy?)

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