Washington Exec: LGS Innovations Launches LGS CodeGuardian
Posted on: February 11, 2016

It was announced on February 4th by Herndon, Va.-based, network solutions and specialized research and development provider LGS Innovations that it has created LGS CodeGuardian. The CodeGuardian technology was developed to protect operating system level software of third party network switches and routers from security threats and vulnerabilities.

Kevin Kelly, Chief Executive Officer at LGS Innovations stated, “For years the ‘elephant in the room’ for the data networking industry has been that malicious code, unintentional vulnerabilities, and backdoor threats can be hidden deep within the source code at any point along the global supply chain without the manufacturer or end user’s knowledge. With CodeGuardian, we’ve solved this issue without making major changes to the development or manufacturing process, which keeps production costs affordable.”

CodeGuardian utilizes a three layered approach to protect network devices which includes; software vulnerability analysis, diversification, and distribution via a protect supply chain.

Morgan Wright, a cyberterrorism/cybercrime analyst and advisor to LGS said, “This is a giant leap forward in the independent verification and validation process. It’s more than just the typical approach. LGS has broken new ground by being granted access to the original development team and source code, something manufacturers have closely guarded until now. This is a reflection of the immense trust LGS has developed with its partners, and a reflection of the solid results they have delivered.”

Read the full story: http://www.washingtonexec.com/2016/02/lgs-innovations-launches-lgs-codeguardian/

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