Video Teleconferencing Over Secure & Non-Secure Multiple Networks
Posted on: December 7, 2015

Video teleconferencing (VTC) systems are now an essential component of government and commercial networks, enabling effective communications among widely distributed teams while significantly reducing time and travel costs.
As VTC use grows, so do concerns about its security—particularly when VTC systems have to connect multiple audiences over networks with varying degrees of security classifications. Even the most savvy defense and intelligence agencies face challenges when delivering VTC over multiple networks, such as NIPRNet, SIPRNet, JWICS, and others.

VTC in secure/non-secure environments
For many agencies, operating VTC systems over secure and non-secure networks means buying, deploying, and maintaining separate network equipment for each classification level. This is because each network has traditionally required its own codec—a device or program that encodes or decodes the signal or data stream.
It’s not uncommon for an agency to operate networks secured at three, four, or more classification levels. Maintaining separate systems for each level negates VTC cost savings and increases management complexities that can expose the network to additional attack vectors.
There are more cost-efficient and secure approaches, however, including options that allow auto-switching between secure/non-secure networks using a single codec, managed from a single, centralized control panel. For example, the LGS IP Switching Solution (IPSS) provides DISA-approved hardware and software to enable this function. With IPSS, a single codec can run on as many classified networks as required; it’s been successfully tested with eight network classifications.
The LGS IPSS solution is also compatible with leading codec manufacturers such as Cisco® and Polycom.®
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Cisco® and Polycom® are registered trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. and Polycom, Inc., respectively.

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