TMCnet: Protection from Hidden Threats at the Heart of New LGS Innovations Service
Posted on: February 11, 2016

Data network products are all around us, carrying and often helping to shape network traffic that travels from point to point. Security measures in this widespread base of technologies cover the spectrum, and few even consider the element of device-based source code, much less do anything about it. That has changed with a new product from LGS Innovations. CodeGuardian is the company’s product, and it is designed to protect the millions of lines of source code that are found in network switches and routers around the world.

CodeGuardian protects devices by evaluating the source code for potential vulnerabilities, making recommendations, and then shuffling the code in order to prevent exploitation. In all, the process is designed to limit known attack vectors and protect equipment against unknown, insecure code flaws. It has already been embedded into the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Omniswitch line of network products.

With so many security solutions in the market, one might wonder why source code needs protection. Cyber attackers use information and access to product source codes to launch innovative attacks. Among the threats of this privileged access, attackers can eavesdrop directly into communications, interrupt and change traffic, power off equipment, and they can inject specialized code designed to create false data requests, which can be scaled to overwhelm a system in a localized DDoS-style attack. Whether the vulnerabilities are intentionally present on devices, or they are the product of a errant code revision, CodeGuardian stands guard to eliminate this weak point.

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