The Global Software Supply Chain: Why it Matters
Posted on: February 3, 2016

Pay the Same Attention to Network Software as to End Point Devices, Expert Advises

You’ve read the news. You’ve heard the stories surrounding networks that have been compromised through targeted hacks, back doors, and embedded malware.

It is no secret that data breaches and malicious network attacks are on the rise – and so is concern on the side of network administrators.

Networks are a mission-critical part of daily and long-term operations, and any type of outage, can bring these enterprises to a grinding halt —and in some cases even cause life-threating situations. Protection of end-user devices and enterprise computers and databases has received a great deal of attention for some time now. This is an essential component of overall security and must be continually improved upon, but we also need to look at what’s being done to assure the equipment within the network is free from back doors, malware code, and other vulnerabilities that provide unintended or unauthorized access

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