SPOTLIGHT: USGIF Member LGS Innovations
Posted on: November 26, 2013

Mission-Oriented Problem Solvers

LGS Innovations became a USGIF Member Company in October 2012. After just one year, the company feels they have gained more insight into the GEOINT Community, as well as a stronger connection with its customers. Trajectory spoke with Clark DeHaven, LGS Innovations’ senior director of corporate strategy, to learn more about the company and its work with the federal government.

What is the background of LGS Innovations and how did the company get started?

LGS Innovations is an independent subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent, focused on the federal government marketplace. We were formed in 2006 when Alcatel and Lucent merged. We are focused on data and communications networks, and provide solutions to some of the U. S. governments’ most difficult problems. Our linkage goes back to the days of Lucent’s Bell Labs’ government groups. Today, we currently have three groups that make up LGS Innovations—one group being our Advanced Research and Technology group, which works to find advance solutions for data and networking communications. The second group is our Network Integration and Services, while our third group provides Products, Solutions and Applications to the U.S. government.

Who are your customers and what type of projects does LGS Innovations work on?

We interact with many different parts of the federal government, such as the DoD, Intelligence Community, U.S. Geological Survey, and Department of Homeland Security. In the past we’ve had contracts with the Departments of Energy and Justice in a number of different areas. We are focused on those agencies within the federal government that are focused on implanting and managing advanced communications and data networking technologies.

LGS provides a broad base of solutions and technology to address the U.S. governments’ most pressing problem: our Advanced Research and Technology group; Alcatel-Lucent leading products, such as our edge and core routers, optical backhaul systems, and LTE wireless solutions; and our Network Integration and Services team that has done a lot in terms of base upgrades and reconstituting communications systems. LGS is successful at migrating those capabilities into emerging Internet Protocol-based networks of the future and helping the government understand the best way to use some of these complex networks.

We have defined a number of solutions based on various mission environments or solutions environments such as tactical markets, campus environments, and cloud/data centers. These solutions incorporate a variety of leading commercial products, various services such as network integration and training, and advanced technologies to provide comprehensive solutions to our customers.

What is LGS Innovations working on as far as internal research and development?

Part of our focus is on emerging wireless technologies, cybersecurity, and advanced techniques to enhance product security. We also have a number of programs looking at secure communications, which is important to a lot of our customers.

Another area is three-dimensional imaging LiDAR, which we believe has real applicability to the GEOINT Community. In addition to our work on high power laser technology (such as fiber lasers) for LiDAR, we are also developing techniques for the processing and exploitation of imaging LiDAR data, in order to give the end users contextual, fully three-dimensional imagery in a timely manner for detailed analysis.

What are some emerging trends you see in the overall industry?

The military and civilian sectors are starting to appreciate the advantages of imaging LiDAR. They are seeing increased use in military ISR operations in theater, in urban and terrain mapping (including shallow water regions), and in disaster recovery. As laser transmitters continue to grow in capability and shrink in size and cost, LiDAR sensors will find more and more dual-use applications.

Another trend is Software Defined Networks (SDNs), which permit quick reconfiguration of networks and acts as a complement to cloud technology. A third trend we’re seeing is reduced funding in both the Intelligence and DoD Communities. Their challenges are getting significantly more difficult with more constraints, yet the funding to develop solutions is being reduced. We believe that what is required is a ‘toolbox of solutions,’ which can be used to support multiple missions. We are also seeing great collaboration across organizations to create these common solutions

What differentiates LGS Innovations from other companies?

One of our differentiators is our heritage and connectivity to Bell Labs, and bringing that research to the forefront. We believe that there are few companies that can bring our breadth and depth of knowledge in emerging data and communications networks. Because we understand our customers’ mission on a deep level, it allows us to provide more effective and comprehensive solutions. Most importantly, our ability to understand and develop a trusted partnership with our customers is critical in having their faith and confidence in us. We value our reputation and make sure we solve our customers’ problems.

What is the company’s latest news?

We were happy to be one of 12 companies awarded the $4.1 billion Army Communications and Transmissions Systems contract (CTS). We will be competing for task orders to improve battlefield communications and provide an extensive range of integrated solutions on this five-year program. We brought together a team of 71 partners that collectively represent the best in leadership and expertise in supporting communications systems technology.

We also recently announced a contract with Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to design next-generation integrated photonic sources and circuits to determine potential advancements in laser technology. We have ongoing contracts that involve doing some interesting things with LiDAR processing.

What benefits do you see from being a USGIF member company?

We’re really excited to be a member of USGIF. USGIF provides a very compelling way to know what’s going on in the GEOINT Community. What we find very unique is USGIF’s ability to create events and communication vehicles that are really focused on the Intelligence Community. We find the GEOINT Symposium to be very valuable, and enjoy having the ability to network with customers and hear their challenges.

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