Situational Awareness Relies on Data Communications & Networking
Posted on: October 14, 2015

In the 21st century, military situational awareness relies on rugged, reliable, hack-resistant voice and data communications; advanced, multifunction sensors with data fusion and secure, comprehensive networking data links throughout the now-digitized battlespace, from National Command down to the individual warfighter.

Situational awareness, generally seen as a localized defensive measure, far pre-dates the digital age and also has been used to great effect as a mass impact offensive weapon.

“When you’re dealing with commercial communications, you usually have available several choices for data backhaul, but DOD must be able to deploy anywhere and can’t assume there will be good communications capabilities, so many of our solutions must be able to work without any physical medium, such as transmitting through the air using laser technology in a very secure and high speed way that just doesn’t manifest in the commercial world at all,” said Kevin L. Kelly, CEO of network specialist LGS Innovations in Herndon, Va.

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