Shadow Lens is a tactical situation awareness solution from LGS Innovations that fuses multiple-intelligence sensor data, analytics, and advanced visualizations to provide enhanced ISR capabilities and increased mission effectiveness.

Shadow Lens overlays georectified mapping visualizations and ISR derived information on top of full motion video feed, providing a dynamic view of an area of interest. The Shadow Lens architecture interfaces with a wide array of sensors and datasets on a single augmented reality platform, tailored for tactical operations.

Key Features

  • Live full motion video and mapping with dynamic sensor data overlays
  • Aids in positive identification of emitters
  • Ability to replay and post-process captured feed
  • Integrated RF/SIGINT sensor data
    • Emitter locations and confidence intervals
    • Sensor location with trail, antenna boresight, and beam pattern
  • Tactical, untethered operations: no external networks required
  • Remote augmented reality to ground command and control centers
  • Architectural flexibility for further sensor and dataset integration
    • Commercial carrier tower locations, heat map, and real-time cellular scanning results
    • Wi-Fi access point locations
    • Future LiDAR support


  • Augmented reality with coordinated live video & mapping enabling quick positive identification and greater contextual awareness
  • Avoids information overload with dynamic overlays
  • Enhanced Pilot and Operator mission coordination
  • Greatly improves the training and environment preparation of small team ISR, force protection, border crossing, and training
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