A Clear Path to 100Gigabit Ethernet using the Alcatel-Lucent Service Router Portfolio

Network bandwidth demand continues to grow within U.S. Government Agencies due to the use of collaboration, sophisticated IP services, and multimedia applications. Agencies can meet this demand by offering 100G IP/MPLS networking services at the WAN edge. Alcatel-Lucent was the first to deliver 100 Gigabit interfaces for IP/ MPLS Edge Services, doing so with the development of the innovative FP2 chipset, the industry’s first 100G network processor (NPU) silicon. Alcatel-Lucent raised the performance bar again with the introduction of the FP3 chipset this year. Each generation of the FP chipset provides advances in power efficiency, supplied bandwidth, scalability, and innovative network services. This whitepaper discusses these FP chipset advances and the resulting benefits to Federal Government agencies.

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