Alcatel-Lucent VitalSuite Performance Management System

VitalSuite Performance Management Software provides network administrators with end-to-end, web-based visibility into geographically dispersed, multi-vendor, and multi-technology converged infrastructures. Delivering performance management for both applications and networks, VitalSuite includes network-wide, real-time visibility for tracking, analyzing, and predicting the behavior of all business-critical IP-based applications such as contact centers, e-mail, web server based applications, Domain Name Services (DNS), and Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP). It is an extensively programmable, multi-vendor, multi-service technology that offers flexible and cost-effective growth for government agency and enterprise customers.

VitalSuite provides both historical and near real-time views into everything from complex contact center transactions to mission-critical network resources. Carrier grade scalability provides support for millions of performance-monitored objects, allowing IT professionals the ability to monitor, analyze, manage, and predict performance from a single centralized location. The “MyVital” portal is an enterprise-wide information portal that provides network managers with personalized views of the network’s performance and events, enabling proactive responses for corrective action and preventing problem escalation.

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