Alcatel-Lucent VitalSuite Integrated Service Assurance Software (ISA)

The Alcatel-Lucent VitalSuite ISA combines information from network elements, security devices, and applications to provide a centralized, integrated view of the status of networks and services. On a single display, a user can see all relevant security information and events for a particular element, group of elements, or the entire network. With a click of the mouse, the user can then view more details, create trouble tickets, acknowledge the event thereby removing it from consideration, or even drill down to the applications that provided the information to investigate further. ISA is designed to provide government agencies with the ability to manage the security environment throughout the changes and evolution that will continue to occur across the network – providing users with consistent access to the information that is vital to maintain the highest levels of security.

Through monitoring the security situational awareness of the wireless and data networks, VitalSuite ISA combines and correlates data and events from disparate security devices and point applications such as firewalls, intrusion detection applications, and authentication servers. From a centralized application, security personnel can rapidly spot and respond to security events and abnormalities, trace root causes, assess potential impacts, and prioritize responses needed to correct them.

VitalSuite ISA features a real-time, topology-driven correlation engine that helps trace profile and identify the symptoms, causes, and origins of security threats and attacks. The software simplifies security management, including management for newly deployed services or applications, by enabling users to rapidly implement new correlation rules and scenarios. The system’s high-performance correlation capabilities can be applied to support new data sources without delay, as network and service offerings expand. Offering predefined rule sets that can be used immediately upon deployment as well as tools for custom-configuring rules to suit an agency’s or enterprise’s unique security requirements, VitalSuite ISA’s platform can be scaled or extended to monitor other systems with easy integration into existing operations centers.

VitalSuite ISA can collect security data and events from nearly any security device or application and includes off-the-shelf support for more than 300 devices, including switches, routers, EMSs, OSSs, and related equipment from both Alcatel-Lucent and other major network vendors. This enables agencies to develop security strategies that include security events, as well as fault or performance events.

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