Alcatel-Lucent VitalQIP DNS/DHCP IP Address Management Software

Market-leading Alcatel-Lucent VitalQIP™ DNS/DHCP Address Management Software helps government and commercial customers efficiently configure, automate, integrate, and administer IP services across their entire networks — locally or globally. This powerful management software centralizes planning and administration, enabling government agencies to rapidly provision address space and reliably deliver critical IP name and address services throughout their IPv4 and/or IPv6 networks. VitalQIP software expedites connection processes by simplifying IP name and address management services — from initial planning to solution deployment – auditing IP address utilization, and performing everyday administrative functions.

The system consolidates all IP address information in a single location, ensuring that diverse, geographically dispersed administrators managing the network can access the same IP database, eliminating duplication of administrative effort, and allowing network administrators to maintain a consistent IP inventory network-wide. Supporting both Alcatel-Lucent and other vendor DNS and DHCP servers, VitalQIP allows government agencies and commercial enterprises to readily configure and deploy IP services across their distributed networks, synchronizing data updates in real time.

VitalQIP is the most flexible IP management tool available tool today and can be deployed in numerous ways: as a software appliance on hardware servers; in a virtual environment; and using the VitalQIP Appliance Manager (AM).

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