Alcatel-Lucent TSM-8000

The Alcatel-Lucent TSM-8000 Fault Management System is a graphically oriented element management system. It is scalable through software keys to support small, medium, or large telecommunication networks. The TSM-8000 supports multiple users, multiple networks and multiple protocols. It automatically collects and stores alarm, status, and performance data from the monitored transmission equipment. This information is displayed both graphically and textually to the operator. The TSM-8000 also provides comprehensive reports for all current and historical activity for the entire network including all operator actions. As an option, the TSM-8000 provides SNMP fault reporting and controls to and from a higher-level Manager of Managers (MoM).

The TSM-8000 supports SNMP (V1, V2 and V3), TL1, and MCS-11 protocols for fault management. It uses a Client/Server architecture residing on Microsoft Windows platform. Remote access, alarm paging, and e-mail notification are standard features. As an optional feature, the customer can assess the TSM-8000 via a web browser which allows the customer remote visibility to the TSM-8000 where access to the Internet is available.


  • Fully monitors and controls the Alcatel-Lucent microwave digital product family
  • Capability to manage non-Alcatel-Lucent network elements via SNMP or TL1 interfaces
  • Operates on a client/server architecture which allows for multiple simultaneous users
  • Designed to fully integrate into customers Manager of Managers (MoMs)
  • Generates reports based on time span, alarm severity, site, region, network and operator actions
  • WEB interface allows operator to access the network via Internet access
  • Email or paging alarm notifications
  • Capability to suppress sympathies alarm using Boolean correlation tool
  • Additional software keys allows customers to grow network from 24 to over 1,000 network elements


  • Scalable client/server architecture capable of monitoring systems from 24 up to 1,000 network elements
  • Multiple simultaneous users (up to 25)
  • SNMP surveillance of Alcatel-Lucent MDR-8000, 9400 AWY, 9500 MXC and 9600 USY radios and third party network elements
  • MCS-11 surveillance of Alcatel-Lucent legacy products, including the MDR-4000, 5000, 6000, 7000 and 8000 series of radios
  • TL1 surveillance of Alcatel-Lucent and third party SONET multiplexer and digital cross-connect products
  • SNMP or ASCII upstream reporting to higher level Manager of Managers (MoMs)
  • Graphical display of system alarm indications
  • Multi-level graphical site display
  • Point and click alarm acknowledgment and remote control operation
  • Customizable report generation based on time, date, network or equipment attributes
  • Multiple masters supported for active redundancy
  • Virtual alarms using Boolean logic and time weighting
  • User definable alarm severity levels
  • Web browser interface

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