Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess 5800 Enterprise Service Router (ESR)

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess 5800 Enterprise Service Router (ESR) series bring togethernetwork transport and business applications into the same dual core hardware platform. Theycombine a high-performance router with a standards-based, secure applications server.

Given that many applications and data are Cloud-based, the router is vital for day-to-day operations. Because connectivity to the network is essential, router maintenance and management resources must be available on demand.

The OmniAccess 5800 ESR can simultaneously operate as a router and server with its powerful internal dual core architecture. It can provide a server for files, printers, or scanners; IP telephony; energy management; an LDAP backup server; document management; and more. Additionally, because it is based on accepted international standards, any application based on the Linux® operating system can be easily and quickly migrated, making the OmniAccess 5800 series an integrated solution that reduces dedicated server maintenance costs. The OmniAccess 5800 ESR is also a professional router with advanced features and routing capacity over 100 Mb/s. It has a full operating system in addition to LAN and WAN connectivity capabilities.

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