Alcatel-Lucent 9764 Metro Cell Outdoor

The Alcatel-Lucent 9764 Metro Cell Outdoor (MCO), part of an end-to-end small cells solution, comprises a range of high-capacity small cells. The small cells improve coverage and capacity for LTE or wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA) in dense urban areas, large or smaller public venues, and rural regions.

The 9764 MCO integrates a baseband with power amplifiers, filters, and directional antennas in a small form factor. This offers mobile network operators a cost-effective alternative to macro-only deployments. For end users, small cells improve quality of experience (QoE) by providing 5-bar voice service, more reliable data connections, and higher data throughput.

The 9764 MCO has an industrial design that makes it suitable for installation on any type of pole or mast. It complements the 9764 Compact Metro Cell Outdoor, which has been designed to bring other deployment options, such as integration within urban furniture or fixtures.

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