Alcatel-Lucent 1671 Service Connect

The Alcatel-Lucent 1671 Service Connect (SC) is a next generation, multiservice cross-connect designed to support the growing demands for multiple services types, including narrowband, wideband, and broadband functionalities, as well as support for data services. The 1671 SC represents a leap forward in cross-connect architecture, providing unrivaled density (4,608 DS3 equivalents per system) and a robust feature set. Engineered for networks requiring speeds from DS1 to OC-192, the scalability of the 1671 SC allows service providers to customize their networks to meet current requirements while enabling them to plan for future demands.

As networks evolve, so does the challenge of satisfying new demands without compromising the embedded base of network elements. The combination of advanced cross-connect capabilities and planned support for data services enables the 1671 SC to provide a converged voice and data infrastructure.

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