Alcatel-Lucent 1645 Access Multiplexer Compact (AMC)

The Alcatel-Lucent 1645 Access Multiplexer Compact (AMC) offers a powerful and economic base for fiber-to-business applications. This compact multiservice provisioning platform aggregates traditional TDM and Ethernet services over SDH transport and can operate as customer premises equipment (CPE) or as a network edge device. It supports Ethernet from 10/100 to Gigabit Ethernet, TDM from E1 to E3, SDHL, and a rich set of STM-1/4 line and client interfaces. The 1645 AMC supports flexible ring configurations and provides highly effective solutions for enterprise network services, such as Ethernet business services and private branch exchange (PBX) interconnection over fiber, where solid performance and reliability are essential service attributes. It can also be used for inter-office applications in both access and mobile networks based on fiber or copper to facilitate Ethernet LAN communication on campus and virtual private networks (VPNs).

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