Alcatel-Lucent 1626 Light Manager (LM)

The Alcatel-Lucent 1626 Light Manager (LM) is a versatile, multi-reach DWDM platform that is the most competitive technology on the market to help networks move toward an all-optical implementation and the resulting reduction in overall transmission cost and improved network performance.

Providing for network scope variation that can range from regional to pan-continental, the 1626 LM combines the best of both submarine and terrestrial technologies for unmatched performance and low total cost. For very long haul and ultra-long haul terrestrial applications, the 1626 LM offers a capacity of up to 192 channels at 10 Gb/s in the extended C-band, spanning distances up to 4,500 km without electrical regeneration. For long haul applications, with transmission distances less than 600 km, the 1626 LM provides moderate-capacity at 32-channel networks, implemented with low-cost standard amplifiers. The 1626 LM also supports unrepeatered submarine applications, connecting land masses without submerged repeaters. An optimized configuration for each application enables service providers to implement the most suitable technology, no matter the distance covered.

Using the 1626 LM to upgrade existing links can result not only in cost-efficiency, but also better performance for legacy platforms regardless of manufacturer. For new DWDM deployments, the 1626 LM provides the most competitive technology on the market, helping move traffic efficiently and reliably throughout the network and minimizing the total cost of ownership.

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