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LGS Innovations and SCALABLE Network Technologies release high fidelity modeling and simulation capability

LGS 4G LTE LiveRANTM simulator, powered by SCALABLE Network Technologies, delivers a unique high fidelity modeling and simulation solution for commercial mobile networks and applications HERNDON, VA., November 26, 2018 - LGS Innovations today announced a long-term partnership with SCALABLE Network Technologies to integrate SCALABLE’s EXata Network Emulation Software with...

LGS Sr VP of Photonics hosts women’s working discussion groups for NJ employees

Posted on:  December 12, 2018
Although women now comprise about 50 percent of the workforce in the U.S., the number of those employed in the STEM fields continues to lag.[1] There’s also been significant growth in the number of women enrolling for AP computer science exams in recent years, but female students still account for only...
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