LGS has developed and open-sourced the BITS Interchangeable Technology System (BITS) to support an ever-increasing list of device capabilities and sensors that drives today’s Internet of Things (IoT) programs, all while continuing to support traditional capabilities such as GPS, live video streaming, and networking.

Created as a part of our portable network platforms offerings, BITS is a software development framework focused on local and distributed device control. BITS not only enables rapid prototyping, but also provides the basic ingredients for creating production-grade applications such as user interfaces, networks, databases, user authentication tools, and secure application updating. Written in JavaScript, the basic BITS framework leverages open source technologies such as Linux, Python, and Node.js, and is a lightweight, event driven, and non-blocking I/O model.

The BITS base feature set enables:

  • Encrypted module management
  • User authentication
  • Centralized notifications
  • Inter-node communications
  • Sensor integration
  • RESTful APIs

The BITS user interface borrows from the same modular concept, delivering real-time information and management of devices through reusable HTML5 web components built with Google’s Polymer Project. BITS web components provide intuitive user interface (UI) design patterns by taking advantage of the integration of Google’s Material Design within a suite of Polymer web components. Users experienced with Google products will find familiarity in the BITS UI.

LGS has found success in building modular BITS applications that focus on a variety of needs such as spectrum analysis, IoT sensor fusion, event trigger and action loops, data analytics, and network interface technologies.

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While now hosted publicly on GitHub, customer-funded and sensitive BITS modules remain proprietary to LGS.

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