LGS provides an economical and fully representative test bed for analysis of any given portion of a network, whether for fixed infrastructure, tactical networking, or mobility networking. Based on our extensive track record in network testing, we are able to apply advanced modeling and simulation solutions that enable rigorous testing of complex, real-time embedded systems and components. We provide unique Hardware-in-the-Loop modeled environments for high fidelity analysis of key components. One example offering is focused on a 4G LiveRAN operating with a simulated Evolved Packet Core. This solution includes real mobile handsets, operating in RF shielded rooms, connecting to and communicating across simulated networks. These solutions can drive model-based systems engineering and mission rehearsal activities and assessments of security risks in deployed networks.

LGS modeling and simulation can also emulate network load generation and traffic scenarios, integrating commercial and open source components to create an overall traffic generation solution that is flexible, scalable, and representative of real world environments across multiple levels of abstraction. These capabilities can contribute to enhanced realism for cyber exercises and training applications.

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