LGS develops wireless network solutions that enable users to capture and communicate video streams (and/or other sensor data) from a field / tactical setting and deliver them securely to authorized users and storage systems. Our robust solutions allow our customers to gather information and direct operations in real time on a flexible, multi-platform, multi asset network. The ability to adapt between the different environmental and channel requirements and manage dispersed sources of surveillance and asset control extends the operational authority’s awareness and influence. The solution can be substantially scalable, easily adapts to existing and new technologies and assets, and can integrate with commercial products (cameras, radios, servers) to deliver full turnkey capabilities.

Our key capabilities in modern, secure wireless sensing and communications capabilities include:

  • Project Management
    – Manage & Coordinate Project Logistics &
  • Execution
  • Network Integration
    – Ensure new and existing network assets are integrated and meet reliability objectives
  • RF Coverage Analysis / Map
    – Utilizing RF modeling tools including terrain and clutter databases, LGS produces a coverage analysis predicting expected performance across the city. The model illustrates probability of coverage maps at street and elevated levels
  • Site Surveys
    – Survey the proposed operational locations to identify site-specific implementation details to identify potential issues, allowing engineering solutions to minimize project risks
  • Network Management, System Storage, Reliable Power, Turnkey Solutions
    – Development and deployment of the infrastructure required to meet mission requirements and give visibility and control to authorized system users
    – Key partnerships with industry-leading wireless edge/sensors, metropolitan / area distribution, storage area networking, and systems management that enable LGS to deliver a completely integrated solution capable of addressing all of our clients’ needs
  • System Staging, Test, Configuration, Integration, Set Up, Deployment
    – Solution staging in LGS integration labs, allowing configuration details to be finalized prior to field deployment
    – Deployment, configuration, and system field testing
  • System Test, Calibration, Validation
    – Demonstration of the overall functionality of the system, including sample verification of the coverage analysis
  • Over The Shoulder Training / System Turnover
    – A hands-on introduction to the new system for client staff, providing practical experience in utilizing the capabilities of the system
  • RF Interference Monitoring
    – Enhancing overall system performance
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