Mobile Video

LGS develops wireless network solutions that enable users to capture and communicate video streams (and/or other sensor data) from a field / tactical setting and deliver them securely to authorized users and storage systems. Our robust solutions allow our customers to gather information and direct operations in real time on a flexible, multi-platform, multi asset network. The ability to adapt between the different environmental and channel requirements and manage dispersed sources of surveillance and asset control extends the operational authority’s awareness and influence. The solution can be substantially scalable, easily adapts to existing and new technologies and assets, and can integrate with commercial products (cameras, radios, servers) to deliver full turnkey capabilities.


We offer a broad range of engineering support for the development of graphical user interfaces that support signal processing applications for mobile, web, and traditional deployments tailored to the unique needs of our users. Our substantial investments and expertise in signal processing tools, techniques, and capabilities have led to our creation of the SigPlot library to enable the fast, interactive plotting of signal information needed for real-time decision making in mission environments.

Geolocation Operations

With a unique expertise in the development, calibration, and operation of coherent sensor networks, LGS Innovations is positioned to support high-priority missions through precision geolocation of signals. Our experience with a variety of geolocation techniques and concepts of operation (CONOPS) include those that leverage angle of arrival (AOA), ranging data, signal related information (SRI), and complex ambiguity functions (CAFs).

Analytics and Visualization

LGS Innovations researches and develops analytics and visualization capabilities that help convert raw sensor data and associated meta-data into the actionable knowledge required for critical decision making essential to the mission. Our solutions address the challenges faced in collecting, characterizing, and analyzing big data from traditional mobile communications technologies utilizing widely adopted standards (3G, 4G/LTE, WiFi, etc.).

Because of the rapid advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and corresponding explosion in the number of devices connected to the Internet has impacted most aspects of our business and personal lives, modern analytics has become much more complex and begs for an innovative approach.

Cloud and Virtualization

LGS cloud migration services not only address the ever-growing need for the conversion of traditional rack-based servers to both commercial cloud services and custom virtual machine provisioning, but are evolving to take into consideration the increasing pace of business and need for larger amounts of data. LGS developed a patent pending solution for cloud service management that provides 50 percent savings in resources and cost compared to conventional solutions. Our solutions also implement custom virtual machine provisioning solutions using OpenStack. As an Amazon Web Services consultant partner, we enjoy a close working relationship with Amazon Cloud Services engineers and architects and facilitated Cloud Services certifications for our engineers and IT personnel. Our solutions allow customers to quickly and easily satisfy provisioning requirements for custom cloud-based systems.

Software-Defined Radio

LGS develops software-defined radio, signal processing, and geospatial processing solutions using a variety of frameworks, including REDHAWK, GNU Radio, X-Midas, and ADSS. We have expertise in national, tactical, and civil solutions for both the evolution of these frameworks and the development of mission applications using these frameworks. Our solutions – while primarily implemented under the Linux operating system – are hardware agnostic, enabling rapid deployment, efficient maintenance, and simplified tech refresh.

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