LGS technical capabilities and skillsets span the full spectrum of cyber and next-generation network areas impacting our customers’ mission networking requirements. These capabilities can be grouped into three major categories: network security assessments, network assurance, and information assurance.

We research cyber and network security operations across myriad applications and disciplines including advanced cyber test and evaluation, RF-enabled cyber effects, Internet Protocol (IP), optical transport, wireless (3G/4G), IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) networks, cyber situational awareness, network security studies, Vulnerability Analysis and cyber mission planning.

Our cyber researchers develop techniques to support defensive operations, including those that involve direct engagement with sophisticated adversaries. These techniques include penetration test planning to automatically evaluate the vulnerability of networks to the latest attacks, network monitoring to detect evidence of anomalous network usage, and informed data planning for threat detection, characterization, and remediation.

The LGS Internet Research Lab is configured to emulate various network architectures to research, develop, and test network facilities like those our customers deploy. The insights we gain from high fidelity testing helps our cyber researchers pinpoint high-risk vulnerabilities and threats for which we then develop products, services, and solutions to mitigate these threats. Using the IRL we are able to support defensive tool development, analysis of cyber force application, integration of systems and tools, red on blue exercises and network operations center tools and processes.

These capabilities – reflecting our deep understanding of the operation and integration of deployed networks – allow our researchers to solve the most difficult cybersecurity issues facing our customers.

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