Meeting network needs for special ops
Posted on: May 20, 2015

Meeting network needs for special ops
May 20th, 2015

When lives and national security are at stake, not just any network will do.

“Special operations forces missions are often characterized by lightning quick actions in a denied environment,” said Cedric Leighton, former deputy director of training for the National Security Agency and chairman of Cedric Leighton International Strategies. “That means special operations forces need to have networks that can provide resilient real-time connectivity to intelligence feeds and command and control links.”

As the special operations forces’ mission evolves, so must the networks required to support that mission. “Today’s expeditionary forces need networks that are agile, persistent and flexible, as no operation is the same,” said Jerry Mamrol, Lockheed Martin’s director of Army strategic and tactical solutions.

As they return to more traditional global missions, deployed special operations forces expect the situational awareness and information they have known after a decade of “owning the ground” in places like Afghanistan, said Marc Beacken, director of LGS Innovations. “Securely pushing information and enabling converged intelligence and security/war fighting operations simultaneously is driving network needs today down to the most tactical levels,” he explained. “Security, optimized throughput, increased bandwidth and a common operating picture are all requirements behind the evolution of special operations force networks.”

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