Malware getting more advanced, easier to use in 2015
Posted on: January 19, 2015

Malware getting more advanced, easier to use in 2015
Federal Times
January 19, 2016
Aaron Boyd

Reports of breaches at private companies and federal agencies piled up throughout 2014. While security officials scramble to shore up defenses and shorten response time, experts say the malware threat is only going to get more sophisticated and easier to deploy in 2015.

Much of the discussion in 2014 centered on leaks from insiders, whether malicious or accidental. However, of the 10 breaches and vulnerabilities reported by federal agencies in 2014, eight were a direct result of hackers attempting to put malware on government systems.

The largest — a breach of Postal Service networks — exposed the personally identifiable information of more than 800,000 employees, including birth dates, home addresses and Social Security numbers.

In 2015, “Malware is going to become the tool of choice rather than others because it’s easy to build,” said Paul Christman, vice president of Dell’s Public Sector Software division.

“The level of sophistication for malware is going to become higher and higher and higher,” Christman said. “It’s going to become easier to construct malware out of recyclable parts that are generally available via the Internet. From that perspective, the barrier to entry for malware is going to be lower.”

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