LGS Innovations & Zynamics Offer Revolutionary Malware Analysis Tools to the United States Government
Posted on: June 22, 2010

Herndon, VA and Bochum, Germany (22 June, 2010) – LGS Innovations (LGS), an independent U.S. subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent serving the U.S. federal government, and zynamics, a leading provider of patented program analysis tools, today announced an agreement in which LGS will offer zynamics’ binary reverse engineering and malicious analysis software products to the U.S. government. LGS is uniquely positioned to advance the use of zynamics’ tools in the Federal space because of LGS’ research and development projects and capabilities that leverage the legacy of Bell Labs.

LGS’ Government Communications Laboratory is a leader in Cyber Security Research for the Advanced Programs and Department of Defense (DoD) communities. “This exciting partnership with zynamics enables LGS to expand our cyber security capabilities by adding critical malware prevention products to our solutions lineup,” said Kevin L. Kelly, Vice President of Strategy at LGS Innovations. “Zynamics is well-known in the malware realm, and their approach to addressing the challenges in cyber security complements our innovations in this space.”

Zynamics, founded in Germany in 2004 by Thomas Dullien, is a globally recognized leader in binary reverse engineering. LGS is offering the following prominent zynamics products to the Federal government:

VxClass: Offered exclusively in the U.S. by LGS, VxClass provides a full infrastructure for processing new malicious software, including a full-system-emulation-based, automated unpacking engine that can remove most executable crypters—and includes the ability to automatically generate signatures for new threats. BinDiff: Enables users to analyze malware variants, investigate code theft, and identify changes between program versions. BinNavi: Enables users to visualize code coverage and program structure, identify security-critical features, understand large and complicated systems more efficiently, and find security defects with greater speed and accuracy. BinCrowd: Due to be released in July 2010, BinCrowd will bring unparalleled efficiency in team-based malware analysis. Leveraging zynamics’ groundbreaking executable comparison technology, BinCrowd keeps track of everybody’s reverse engineering results—and enables analysts to quickly determine if a piece of code is similar to a previously analyzed code fragment. BinCrowd will be exclusively released in the U.S. by LGS. “With their expertise in the Federal market, LGS is uniquely positioned to deliver zynamics’ tools to the government users who will most benefit,” said Thomas Dullien, CEO of zynamics. “LGS understands the value of research—their Bell Labs legacy underscores LGS’ expertise in advanced technologies—and they have tremendous insight into the government market. Together, zynamics and LGS will deliver effective cyber security solutions to solve the complex security problems our customers face today.”

About LGS Innovations
LGS Innovations, an independent and wholly-owned subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent, is dedicated to supporting the U.S. Government IT and telecommunications community. By leveraging the world-class R&D of Bell Labs, LGS enables the Federal Government’s mission through advanced networking technologies, applied sciences, and integrated communications products and services that transform and unify the Federal enterprise. LGS’ standards-based solutions portfolio includes: Wireline, Wireless (WiMax and Microwave), Enterprise (VoIP & Call Center) Optical & Data Networking, and Network Security Solutions. Cyber Security services are performed at our Internet Research Lab within the William J. Perry Research Center. Dr. Perry, former president Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Defense, is chairman of the LGS Board of Directors. LGS is headquartered in the U.S., in Herndon, VA, with offices in Colorado, Maryland, New Jersey, and North Carolina. For more information about LGS’ breakthrough capabilities, visit www.LGSinnovations.com. LGS Innovations: Communications Applied™.

About Zynamics
zynamics is a world leader in providing advanced tools for reverse engineering of both malicious or security-critical computer programs. Through a team of highly experienced reverse engineers and novel applications of mathematics, zynamics has repeatedly generated industry-changing innovations—and made them useful to the practitioner. From patch analysis to automated malware classification, from program analysis and visualization to reverse engineering collaboration, zynamics provides critical tools to improve the efficiency of both offensive and defense Cyber Security teams. Zynamics is headquartered in Bochum, Germany, with another office in Barcelona, Spain. For more information about zynamics’ innovations, visit www.zynamics.com. For in-depth technical discussions, visit blog.zynamics.com.


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