The LGS Innovation Initiative program not only supports our customers’ missions, but also fosters team member creativity and generates new technologies that help to keep LGS on the cutting edge of technology innovations.

Our focus on innovation is a key tenant of our corporate culture, and can be traced back to our Bell Labs heritage of invention. At LGS Innovations, we are dedicated to ensuring that we continue to foster a culture of innovative thinking that supports the creation of technologies for our customers’ most critical mission solutions in the defense, intelligence, and commercial arenas. To this end, LGS has put an Innovation Initiative program in place to support new business ideas and shepherd them from conception through to fully-funded corporate programs.

The Innovation Initiative provides a platform for our scientists and engineers to have a voice in the direction of LGS business. Whether just out of school or well into a career, we know that each team member has a creative, innovative, and valuable approach to new technology. We provide the time and space for the incubation of new ideas to improve team collaboration and generate new products to help us solve new customers’ missions.

The LGS Innovation Initiative takes individual concepts from broad conceptual ideas down to focused topics that align best with overall LGS business strategy and customer needs. The process includes:

  • Brainstorming sessions at our nationwide locations
  • Company-funded development time
  • Company-wide pitch webcasts
  • Innovation Summit: A week long summit where selected participants from the pitch meetings collaborate on the most promising ideas
  • Incubation and prototype development for the top ideas from the summit

Since the inception of the Innovation Initiative in 2014, LGS teams have generated over 400 ideas, 175 of which have been further investigated with incubation, IR&D, or customer funding. More than 200 employees have banded together in pairs and groups to collaborate on new ideas across the company.

The LGS Innovation Initiative is an integral part of our ongoing efforts to unleash the creative talents of our team members, and continues to create high-value potential opportunities to expand the solutions we offer our customers. LGS’ continued support of innovation grows our company as a technology leader, as well as supporting our team members in their creative endeavors.

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