LGS Innovations Helps Army’s MCF
Posted on: April 10, 2013

Defense Electronics
April 10, 2013

LGS Innovations has been awarded a contract worth slightly more than $49 million to upgrade the US Army’s Main Communications Facility (MCF) in Southwest Asia. LGS, an independent subsidiary of Alcatel- Lucent, was selected as the exclusive contractor to engineer, furnish, install, test, and secure the Army’s extensive network, transmission, and voice infrastructure in Southwest Asia. This work falls under the umbrella of the Army’s Infrastructure Modernization (IMOD) initiative. The company has also been tasked to execute a critical cutover of transmission circuits, as well as to design, develop, furnish, and install a virtualized infrastructure to accommodate the migration of servers and their applications from existing facilities to the MCF. The MCF, designed as a state-ofthe- art commercial communications operations center, will serve as the central information systems hub for the region.

Read the full article here: http://defenseelectronicsmag.com/military-defense-electronics/contracts-0

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