LGS Innovations Featured in the Triad Business Journal for role in Union Square Campus
Posted on: January 3, 2017

Below is an excerpt from Chris Gigley’s article, Advanced Technology Preps Triad Health Professionals Like Never Before. To read more, check out the article here.

War zone to classroom

Schools also have to pay for the infrastructure needed to run and network the technology, which is what makes the Union Square campus so interesting. To install all the networking technology, developers brought in Herndon, Va.-based LGS Innovations Engineering & Integration Services. Its customer base is the intelligence community, including the U.S. Department of Defense.

“We look for challenging, new and evolving technologies to work on,” said Ray Ivie, group president, engineering and integration services at LGS. “We like to do things that haven’t been done before. In many ways, we invent things and make them operational very quickly.”

LGS was compelled to join the Union Square project partly because of its ties to the Triad. Paul Selby, president of the products, solutions and applications division at LGS, said he remembered when the company opened its first local facility, the Guilford Center, in 1970. LGS is a spinoff of Lucent Technology, with roots leading all the way back to AT&T and Bell Laboratories.

“This project was a really unique opportunity to take our experience and R&D in mission-focused work directly supporting the warfighter in a hostile place and focus it on a community we have ties to,”Selby said.

Invisible tech, visible results

LGS installed nearly 100 wireless access points and more than 70 screens in Union Square. But other than that, LGS’ technology is invisible. It is the wiring and backroom servers and cloud-based technologies that allow every piece of technology, from the Anatomage Table to hi-fidelity manikins, to be able to communicate with one another. And if some new piece of technology is needed, the system is flexible enough to handle it.

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