LGS Innovations completes lidar development with DARPA
Posted on: March 2, 2016

Breakthrough will improve DoD LIDAR systems’ ability to detect and identifyobjects of interest.

US technology R&D company LGS Innovations has announced the successful completion of a two-year Laser Radar Technology project in partnership with the Strategic Technology Office within the US military research agency DARPA(Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). LGSI works in many photonics-related sectors such as wireless communications, RF spectrum analysis, cybersecurity, optical communications, and mobile broadband.

The LRT program supports the development of detector arrays and laser transmitter technologies that could improve the ability for a LIDAR system to switch between settings geared to detect objects of interest and settings geared to hone in and provide additional insight on the selected object.

For the full piece, visit: http://optics.org/news/7/3/2


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