The LGS Fellows Award recognizes and honors current members of the LGS technical community who have made outstanding, sustained, research and development contributions impacting both the company and our customers’ missions. This award marks the highest technical honor bestowed on individuals by the LGS executive leadership. Granting of the LGS Fellows Award acknowledges distinguished performance by a scientist or engineer, serving as an exemplar for all members of the LGS technical community to strive towards extraordinary levels of innovation and distinction.

LGS Fellow nominations are based on the following criteria:

  • Technical Depth: The candidate must have outstanding R&D accomplishments, sustained over a period of time, exhibiting technical excellence and insight, as well as extraordinary inventiveness or innovative application of technology.
  • Singular Contribution: The candidate must have made a unique contribution such as creation of a new business, product, or technology.
  • Technical Breadth: The candidate must have contributed to various research aspects within an area of technology, as well as across a breadth of technologies or research areas.
  • Continuous Contributions: The candidate’s broad contributions to science and technology must be noteworthy over a sustained period of time.
  • Importance: The candidate’s contributions must have been of significant importance to LGS’ innovations and business objectives.
  • Customer Impact: The candidate’s contribution must have had significant impact to the LGS customer and for our customers’ missions

Our employees are our greatest asset, and the LGS Fellows Award is one facet of our focus on encouraging and recognizing technical visionaries who act as role models, mentoring the next generation of thought leadership and creating new and evolving initiatives for the company. In keeping with our Bell Labs legacy, we strive to focus on innovation and creativity in driving the state of science and technology forward.

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