LGS, DARPA Build Laser Tech With Waveform Agility; Stephan Wielandy Comments
Posted on: February 26, 2016

LGS Innovations has completed work on a laser platform designed to improve the capability of light detection and ranging systems to detect and analyze objects of interest.

The company developed the laser system with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s strategic technology office under the Laser Radar Technology program, LGS said Tuesday.

LRT is a two-year initiative that seeks to advance the development of laser transmitter systems and detector arrays designed to enhance the capability of the Defense Department’s LIDAR systems to switch settings for target detection and identification.

Stephan Wielandy, chief scientist for photonics applications for advanced research and technology division at LGS, said the laser system works to generate various optical waveforms and alter such waveforms in real time.

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