LGS develops software-defined radio, signal processing, and geospatial processing solutions using a variety of frameworks, including REDHAWK, GNU Radio, X-Midas, and ADSS. We have expertise in national, tactical, and civil solutions for both the evolution of these frameworks and the development of mission applications using these frameworks. Our solutions – while primarily implemented under the Linux operating system – are hardware agnostic, enabling rapid deployment, efficient maintenance, and simplified tech refresh. Our team of experts has nearly 20 years of experience developing software-defined mission applications, including:

  • Special communications solutions
  • Radio frequency (RF) spectrum monitoring
  • Signal detection, classification, identification, and location
  • Interference mitigation
  • Geospatial processing
Known Code Words Technique

In order to enable the mission in extraordinarily challenging RF environments, our engineers invented the Known Code Words technique, which enables substantial processing gains for high priority signals of interest. With experience spanning a broad range of signal types – from push-to-talk radios to 5G – more than half of our engineers working software-defined solutions have advanced academic degrees.

Integration Patterns

Our experience and comfort with a wide range of frameworks has allowed us to develop novel integration patterns that enable the use of validated components developed within one framework within other frameworks without “breaking the box.” This allows us to more efficiently leverage existing components to rapidly produce integrated solutions regardless of their origin. We also leverage containerization tools such as Docker and orchestration tools such as Kubernetes and Hashicorp Nomad. Our expertise with modern continuous integration and collaboration tools ensures that our DevOps solutions are ready for the next high priority mission.

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