Spectrum and spatial awareness to address communications systems challenges

Are you ready to tackle secure communications in a 5G world? We are. At LGS Innovations we guide you through spectrum management and operations to ensure the security of your vital mission communications and data.

The constrained supply of RF spectrum results in spectral crowding, increasing interference, and wireless systems vulnerabilities. There is an increasing need for a focus on:

  • Establishing persistent spectral awareness through sensing
  • Enabling efficient spectrum sharing
  • Facilitating dynamic spectrum coordination
  • Deploying new uses of previously untapped spectral regimes is now essential
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

The LGS Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) program builds on our existing robust scientific and engineering solutions in order to develop a new class of service that combines powerful wireless and cyber solutions, ITC accepted commercial tools, and ITC-certified engineers to provide government and commercial customers with tools to help secure their spaces and information from eavesdropping. LGS TSCM subject matter experts have access to industry standard certified technology supplemented by unique LGS wireless and cyber capabilities. LGS TSCM lead operators also have extensive experience conducting TSCM inspections worldwide.

Spectrum Interference Detection & Mitigation

LGS researches, develops, deploys, and supports field-ready solutions dedicated to solving some of the world’s most complex Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum interference detection, classification, and mitigation challenges.

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