Radio Frequency Spectrum

The increasing demand for radio frequency (RF) spectrum results in increasing interference and wireless systems vulnerabilities. There is a growing need for a focus on:

  • Establishing persistent spectral awareness through sensing
  • Enabling efficient spectrum sharing
  • Facilitating dynamic spectrum coordination
  • Deploying new uses of previously untapped spectral regimes
Spectrum Utilization

LGS is unique in the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience we deliver across all facets of spectrum utilization to meet our customers’ needs and requirements.

  • Dynamic spectrum planning, monitoring, enforcement, forensics
  • Spectrum allocation and sharing across domains
  • Agile spectrum brokering, dynamic rules & policies
  • Spectrum interference detection and mitigation
  • Spectrum visualization and operations management
How LGS can help

Contact LGS Innovations at so we can:

  • Listen to your spectrum challenges and needs,
  • Create innovate solutions tailored to your toughest spectrum challenges, and
  • Deliver, deploy and maintain highly effective, long-lived, future-hardened solutions.
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