Hawaiian pilot network provides glimpse of future LTE deployment hurdles for FirstNet
Posted on: September 11, 2014

Urgent Communications
Jill Nolan
September 11, 2014

As FirstNet’s Director of Government Relations Ed Parkinson said at APCO, a small state like Delaware likely will move through the process much faster than a massive state like Texas that has 254 counties.

But size is not the only factor. Bill Compton, a wireless solutions account executive with LGS Innovations, knows a bit about that. Three years ago, Compton was part of the development of a 120-day pilot LTE network in Hilo, Hawaii, where volcanoes, thick rainforest vegetation and a mixture of urban and rural settings presented challenges that will face other states and U.S. territories in the coming months and years.

“Geography is very important in designing your overall spectrum coverage,” Compton said in a recent interview with IWCE’s Urgent Communications. “When you have mountainous areas like you have in Hawaii with the volcanoes, when you have high-density vegetation, which affects coverage, no matter how high you put a tower with an antenna on it, it doesn’t matter if the [thick] vegetation is underneath the tower—you’re not going to get through it.”

Read the full story at: http://urgentcomm.com/public-safety-broadbandfirstnet/hawaiian-pilot-net…

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