With a unique expertise in the development, calibration, and operation of coherent sensor networks, LGS Innovations is positioned to support high-priority missions through precision geolocation of signals. Our experience with a variety of geolocation techniques and concepts of operation (CONOPS) include those that leverage angle of arrival (AOA), ranging data, signal related information (SRI), and complex ambiguity functions (CAFs).

We have particular expertise with systems that utilize time/frequency difference of arrival (TDOA/FDOA). These solutions enable a small group of coherent sensors to provide nearly instantaneous location estimates for signals of interest, making them especially impactful to our customers’ missions. These sensors and environments can also be heterogeneous (developed and deployed by different organizations without a priori knowledge of the other sensors).

We work with sensor developers to ensure that their hardware and software products meet the stringent time and frequency specifications, communication paths, and data formatting required to support coherent operations. We have leveraged our rigorous test environment to validate and calibrate sensors to help many companies and organizations make their sensors time- and frequency-coherent. We also calibrate sensors both in the factory and in the field for coherent operations.

Our JICD 4.2 infrastructure provides an interface definition and reference implementation enabling control and status updates of disparate sensors and the sharing of signal-related information, signal snapshots, and streaming data between heterogeneous sensors and processing engines in support of geolocation and other multi-sensor coherent operations. We maintain the JICD 4.2 test range for validating sensors, their infrastructure, and new CONOPS for our customers.

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