Expert: Federal Spectrum Incentive Act Faces Uphill Battle
Posted on: December 11, 2015

… According to Kevin Kelly, CEO of government network solutions contractor LGS Innovations, the Federal Spectrum Incentive Act could face an uphill battle even after passage.

Kelly said there are two interconnected main issues with the legislation that would hinder progress.

First, Kelly said those looking for open spectrum in federal allocations will likely be hard pressed to find unused airwaves.

“You’re not going to find, in my opinion, too many areas of the spectrum that have been allocated that aren’t being used,” Kelly said.

Among the most prolific users of government spectrum, he said, are the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of the Interior.

Second, Kelly said migrating out of the spectrum currently in use would be both costly and difficult, especially for an agency with a wide-ranging library of telecommunications operations like the DoD.

“When you talk about exiting wide bands of spectrum you have to talk about replacements and redeploy systems that can support those communications,” Kelly said. “So to migrate them is a monumental task. It certainly can be done, it needs to be done and finding more efficient ways to use the spectrum we have is paramount. My only concern is the percentage allotted to the agencies to pay for the migration may be insufficient.”

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