DOD Tinkering With Making EMS New Warfare Domain
Posted on: January 28, 2016

Slide over cyber commands, the Defense Department could bear a new warfighting domain. The DOD is tinkering with the notion of recognizing the electromagnetic spectrum as a new warfare domain.

Such a policy change would come on the heels of the paramount decision in 2006 when the DOD added a fifth domain—cyberspace—to its arsenal.Though it has been a decade, cyber warfare is an area in which operators still wrestle with daunting guidelines to carry out warfare in the manmade field.

Given that, is the Pentagon ready for a sixth domain?

Yes, offers Kevin Kelly, CEO of LGS Innovations, which researches, develops and deploys networking and communications solutions for government and commercial organizations. It’s also time.

Technological advancements paired with the ubiquitous nature of wireless devices has increased the threats posed to the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) and electronic warfare (EW), Kelly says. Additionally, the cost for electronic warfare technology has dropped, fueled by the number of commercial wireless devices on the market. “That has driven the cost per component down to a level where it’s very inexpensive to pull together a jamming system or an eavesdropping system or a spoofing system.”

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