Research & Development

Cyber researchers at LGS Innovations develop and deliver innovative cyber, secure communications, and network architecture solutions that support both government and commercial needs. Building on the foundation of our Bell Laboratories heritage, our world-class research focuses on fixed and mobile communication network protocols and all areas relating to carrier-class networks and commercial communications equipment.

Vulnerability Analysis & Reverse Engineering

LGS expertise in reverse engineering and vulnerability research enables analysis of commercial or defense-related software binaries to support discovery of vulnerabilities that may result from poor coding practices, or from purposeful introduction by malicious actors.

LGS white-box and black-box testing capabilities address the entire cybersecurity spectrum, including distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS), fuzzing, security scanning, attack surface analysis, and fault-tree analysis.

Cyber Support Services

LGS Cyber Support Services’ network testbeds are comprised of tools, technologies, and processes that can be configured to emulate various network architectures, in real-world settings, in order to support our customer’s research needs. Our Internet Research Lab (IRL) infrastructure allows our researchers to identify external threats and risks that could potentially harm a network or the connected end-user systems. The Internet Research Lab supports the development of products, services and solutions to defend against cyber-attacks.

Mission Networking

LGS technical capabilities and skillsets span the full spectrum of cyber and next-generation network areas impacting our customers’ mission networking requirements. These capabilities can be grouped into three major categories: Network Security Assessments, Network Assurance, and Information Assurance.

cyber resilience & threat analytics

LGS advances in cryptographic and deception techniques deliver “Cyber Resilience” by protecting sensitive data against sophisticated adversary attacks. Our cyber researchers, collaborating with leading industry and academic partners, have pioneered the fields of private database management systems and realistic, manageable document transformation, both essential tools in defending networks and data against malicious attacks.

modeling & simulation

LGS provides an economical and fully representative test bed for analysis of any given portion of a network, whether for fixed infrastructure, tactical networking, or mobility networking. Thanks to our extensive track record in network testing, we are able to apply advanced Modeling and Simulation solutions that enable rigorous testing of complex, real-time embedded systems and components.

network protocol analysis & engineering

LGS cyber researchers develop next-generation tools and techniques to independently verify and validate the software security of network elements, information systems and mobile applications by identifying vulnerabilities and finding latent malware. We also create new protocol-independent techniques to find vulnerabilities in web applications, server software, and cybersecurity appliances (such as Intrusion Detection Systems) through the analysis of IP network traffic.

iot security analytics

LGS cyber researchers are at the forefront of applying advanced Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to challenging problems in the area of Cyber Analytics. Our research includes Internet of Things (IoT) analytics for privacy and security, analytics of network impairments from edge data, and development of analytics to support the detection of adversary impact on network traffic.

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