LGS Cyber Support Services’ network testbeds are comprised of tools, technologies, and processes that can be configured to emulate various network architectures, in real-world settings, in order to support our customer’s research needs. Our Internet Research Lab (IRL) infrastructure allows our researchers to identify external threats and risks that could potentially harm a network or the connected end-user systems. The Internet Research Lab supports the development of products, services and solutions to defend against cyber-attacks.

Our Secure Network Testbeds enable the creation of high-fidelity emulations of global carrier-class networks and their related management and billing systems—vital platforms that are often the targets of malicious attacks. Our rigorous testing of optical, IP/MPLS, 4G/LTE, and IMS networks help our customers understand complex cybersecurity issues and protect their networks and the applications systems connected to them.

LGS expertise in secure tactical communications enables our cyber researchers to develop innovative networking and application layer modifications that permit secure information sharing and distributed edge computing to create overlay networks within military tactical ad hoc wireless networks as they distribute and locate real-time mission-critical content.

Our cyber researchers are also pioneering dispersed/fog computing solutions to take advantage of edge resources that enable tactical applications that require low-latency response yet also require extensive computation and/or distributed data sets. These solutions address the challenges of heterogeneous devices and wireless networks with limited and intermittent bandwidth.

LGS CEO Kevin Kelly on LGS Cyber Services
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