Cyber Range Mod & Sim

The increase in access points and network complexity in mobile networks presents unique challenges to both government and commercial organizations. Customers in both arenas must understand radio frequency (RF) traffic patterns in optimal and suboptimal conditions and engage in detailed testing and planning exercises to identify and confirm optimal locations for new access points.

During these exercises, performance trade-offs based on RF impairments introduced by terrain, physical structures, or adversaries must also be performed with different types of communications systems. For both government and commercial users, critical communications must always be maintained.

Cyber Support Services

LGS Cyber Support Services’ network testbeds are comprised of tools, technologies, and processes that can be configured to emulate various network architectures, in real-world settings, in order to support our customer’s research needs. Our Internet Research Lab (IRL) infrastructure allows our researchers to identify external threats and risks that could potentially harm a network or the connected end-user systems. The Internet Research Lab supports the development of products, services and solutions to defend against cyber-attacks.

Network Reconnaissance

Conventional approaches to scanning networks to identify security issues can easily produce a high volume of data with little value—or worse, an incomplete picture of a network or falsely identified security issues.

Large networks require extensive analysis to achieve complete insight into the behavior and security of a large scale network.


LGS Innovations recognizes the importance of software integrity as a component of the larger network security ecosystem. With a dedication to the evolution of enterprise support born from extensive experience deploying secure, mission-critical switching solutions, LGS Innovations offers CodeGuardian™: a solution that hardens devices at both the software source code and binary executable levels to enhance overall cyber security.

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