The increase in access points and network complexity in mobile networks presents unique challenges to both government and commercial organizations. Customers in both arenas must understand radio frequency (RF) traffic patterns in optimal and suboptimal conditions and engage in detailed testing and planning exercises to identify and confirm optimal locations for new access points.

During these exercises, performance trade-offs based on RF impairments introduced by terrain, physical structures, or adversaries must also be performed with different types of communications systems. For both government and commercial users, critical communications must always be maintained.

Due to the expenses involved in creating and maintaining a large mobile network testing infrastructure, customers are increasingly turning to commercial radio access network (RAN) modeling and simulation software packages to provide unique high-fidelity testing, training, and exercise capabilities.

LGS Innovations offers a Live Radio Access Network (LiveRAN) solution that enables our customers to quickly run through high fidelity, real-time mobile network modeling and simulation scenarios. By providing Hardware in the loop (HIL) simulations, LiveRAN vastly improves the quality and efficiency of testing mobile networks on tight deadlines.

By allowing the customer to make specified mobile network elements live and simulate others, LiveRAN provides a high-fidelity testing, training, and evaluation environment that is unique in modeling and simulation.

Click here for our LGS LiveRAN factsheet to learn more.

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