Fiber Optic Modems

LGS offers custom modems for free-space optical communication systems, accommodating a wide range of modulation formats and output powers and including onboard capabilities for forward-error correction, framing, and interleaving. They are designed to work reliably in demanding airborne and space environments. LGS is an approved NASA vendor.

Optical Amplifiers

LGS designs and manufactures custom, high-power, fiber-optic amplifiers for demanding U.S. government applications. These amplifiers are designed to withstand the harshest military environments. Polarization-maintaining, radiation-hardened designs are available that support full performance monitoring and high average and peak powers.


LGS has developed and open-sourced the BITS Interchangeable Technology System (BITS) to support an ever-increasing list of device capabilities and sensors that drives today’s Internet of Things (IoT) programs, all while continuing to support traditional capabilities such as GPS, live video streaming, and networking.

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