LGS Innovations recognizes the importance of software integrity as a component of the larger network security ecosystem. With a dedication to the evolution of enterprise support born from extensive experience deploying secure, mission-critical switching solutions, LGS Innovations offers CodeGuardian™: a solution that hardens devices at both the software source code and binary executable levels to enhance overall cyber security.

Software Integrity in an Evolving Environment

Modern day network-centric devices are customized embedded computers, and the software running on them is not protected by traditional IT security mechanisms such as end-point protection. This leaves network environments susceptible to the introduction of malware and other attacks, potentially causing:

  • Compromise of network connectivity (including rejecting or redirecting traffic)
    Opening of the network to further attacks by compromising security policy on the network
  • Exposure of the network to theft of sensitive data
  • Interruption or corruption of network traffic
  • Introduction of malware, including ransomware

The LGS CodeGuardian solution mitigates larger enterprise risks at the source, enabling an enhanced security profile through:

  • Independent verification and validation of source code
  • Enhanced software defensiveness including diversification
  • Secure delivery of software to LGS customers

While the industry’s growing reliance on a global software production process has raised questions about the software chain of custody and potential vulnerabilities introduced along the chain, CodeGuardian protects devices from intrinsic vulnerabilities, code exploits, embedded malware, and potential back doors that could compromise mission-critical operations. CodeGuardian promotes a proactive, defense-in-depth approach toward cyber security that continuously defines and implements value-add capabilities to address both current and future threats.

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